The Aussie and The Indian. ( Chris Keeble and Calamity Jane)

Also known as The Barbering Biker

Chris Keeble travels the world (preferably on motorbikes) to find , review and write about  the destinations, people, interests and more. The roads and where they take her can be short trips or long trips. 

Chris is a writer, producer of events and musical theatre, a creative director, lateral thinker and team worker.

Also a doting grandmother who loves riding her beloved Vintage Indian Chief Motorbike,

Calamity Jane

‘The Aussie & The Indian’ are now touring! Always looking for great places and people.

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Chris Keeble is a writer, producer, promoter, working within the Entertainment Industry across all types of areas such as theatre, clubs, pub’s, corporate venues to name a few.

With a triple Major BA degree in Theatre, Theory and Practice, Marketinga and Multi Media, Chris has over the years produced many events from curating art exhibitions to rugby league matches. Also managing theatres and sitting on industry boards and is a current contributor to various arts organisations and venue consultancies.

 Fish out a Water Productions.

This company overseas The Rockumentary Series

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"My last photo shoot was with an exceptional lady called Chris Keeble. Chris turned 60 in 2019 and wears many hats - corporate executive, Creative Director, grandmother and motorbike enthusiast.  What makes Chris so special and inspiring is her zest, and her lust for life and adventure.  A force to be reckoned with, she juggles a full-time corporate job and runs her own successful music production company writing, directing and managing stage shows.  In addition to this interesting mix of corporate and creative life, she is also a doting grandmother to her two adorable grand-daughters. Her biggest indulgent is her passion for her steel horse, Calamity Jane - an Indian Chief Vintage motorbike.  Chris, a keen rider, has a strong following on social media as The Aussie & The Indian, which documents her adventures on the road as well as the highway of life.  A remarkable woman in a largely male-dominated industry, Chris holds her own and is an inspiration to everyone!"   

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