Here is a snap shot of what things will happen and when. Subject to change, and numbers

Friday 8 th May

  • 11.00am: Practice run: Aim to arrive morning to make the practice run if possible at Silverton. and any non Indian Riders can join in also.

  • 2pm: Go to your room! : Check in to wherevere you are staying.

  • 3pm till 6pm: Pick up goodies etc:  you can come to the Demo Club and pick up your packs and deal with any paperwork.

  • 6pm till 7.30pm - meet and greet function at Demo Club.( a drink and nibbles on me, need real food?, club will have some deals on offer for you after event) This is just for Registered Riders. Mates etc can join in from 7.30pm

  • Till 9pm - pick up packs for anyone who couldnt get there earlier.

  • 9pm: Home for a good sleep. all go back to your places of stay and have a good sleep. Easy on the grog :-)

Saturday 9th May

  • From 7am Lions Club will be set up with egg and bacon rolls for regsitered riders and a bottle of water. ( voucher will be in pack,). This is proudly sponsored by Indian Motorcycle Company. yum! Extra food will be available pending what is left to buy.

  • 7.am- Those staying in Silverton - make your way to Penrose Park and start the line up on oval. Bikes will have a sticker placed on headlight and event rego tickets will be scanned. Make sure you have them.

  • 8.00am: Those staying in BH make your way to Penrose Park ( about a 15 min ride, watch for wildlife)

  • 9.30am/10am ( Pending numbers) - BIkes will leave in single file to start Parade.  Led by a police car to set speed approx 30/40 k's per hour . Route is approx 22 kilometers long heading back towrads Broken Hill 

  • 11.00/11.30 am - ( Pending Numbers)  Parade should be finished, all bikes counted back and parked in Penrose Park.

  • 11.30/12 noon: After count, all bikes to make their way into the main street and park in front of Pub for picture... after that we can basically park all over the town .:-) an Indian takeover! yay!!!!!

  • 12 noon/12.30pm: lunch at Silverton Pub- a special buffet luncheon will be on offer. Pay the pub direct. May set up a pre book and pay system to help with that. TBC

  • 1.30pm: any presentations and official stuff may happen at this time. stage in pub. TBC

  • 2.00pm: Entertainment : TBC looking into idea.

  • Free afternoon to look at all the sights etc. Entertainment TBC ( working on an idea )

  • 4pm: suggest those staying in BH make their way back before dusk etc.

  • Saturday night: Free time to do what you like and with who! 

Sunday 10th May Mothers Day

  • There could be a promotion run by the local paper and ABC radio for a mum to win a ride on an Indian. Details to come, but will be seeking any volunteers for that role with those that are staying a bit longer in town. What a special treat ! will get some media covereage!

  • Many will commence their way back home.

Monday 10th May

  • Back to reality for some

  • Or continue the escape and explore a great part of this country

Copywright  2018 Chris Keeble